Landscapes & Places

           Have you hiked Cinque Terre?

Do you have that favorite place that made you stop and take a pic?

This Italian flower shop in Montalcino immediately called to me.  I drew life from every brush stroke with this one.  I couldn't stop adding detail.  Even the little can  the owner placed in the planter for smokers was not excluded.  

 Lago Dei Tramonti

I didn't get to visit this marvelous place, but my son provided the photo and I gave it some interesting foreground. The original is 30" x 40".

Ahhh the cucina...

We had so much steak and bread left from our incredible al fresco dinner in Montalcino, we made steak sandwiches for our flight home from Venice.

The underpainting of red gave warmth as a kitchen should have.

Reference photo

Underpainting in red tones

Reference photo

Al fresco in Montalcino

The best steak and wine under a Tuscan sky

Imagine the soft and beautiful Italian music playing while cutting into a tender and moist steak in the beautiful Italian city of Montalcino.

It is obvious you are in heaven as you sip on glorious wine created by the restaurant.  It is forever a beautiful moment not only captured in photo, but by walnut oil paint with loving brush strokes.